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MetalTrack Features


Enhance your sales revenue and capabilities


Increase your ease of doing business with MetalTrack’s Internet Salesman system!!


Automate, Innovate and Reciprocate with Metal Track


Manage your inventory with a more controlled system


The MetalTrack accounting systems are fully integrated.


Manage your Purchase with Ease and Control

Industry Leader

MetalTrack is renowned for keeping secrets confidential across the metal distribution businesses. This software and its uses were confined to a few of the largest master steel distributors in the United States. MetalTrack has moved millions of tons of steel around the world since 1983.

From Carbon and Stainless Steel to Aluminium and Copper, MetalTrack is efficient in any size distribution of metal products, from a single location facility to a group of companies with multiple branches.

The ease of use and cost-efficient solutions sets MetalTrack to stand out from the rest of the competitors. It can use both PCs and standard low-cost terminals. It provides an engaging 24- hour Internet sales and quoting system. It can scan and retrieve MTRs and directly email quotes and sales confirmations from any desk. It allows you to manage your company more effectively and efficiently.

MetalTrack Features

Outstanding sales tool

It's an outstanding sales tool, giving the salesperson simple access to all of the information needed to quote and sell aggressively and profitably.

Detailed accounting system

It has a fully integrated and very detailed accounting system that doesn't get in the way of selling.


It's streamlined inventory management and purchasing features allow finely detailed analysis of needs, and assist in finding the best buys for everything you should be purchasing.

Improve efficiency

Your personal overhead will be reduced due to a more efficient and cost effective way of running your business. Repetitive routine tasks are eliminated.

Accounting Software

It can print your forms, saving lots of money on pre-printing costs.

Easy to maintain

MetalTrack is competitively priced and easy to modify and maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MetalTrack accounting systems are fully integrated. Sales feed the Accounts Receivable. Purchases feed the Accounts Payable. Cash Receipts feeds information back to the Quotation system, so your sales people can track customer credit. And everything feeds the General Ledger.

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